How to Become a Witch

05 Apr

Are you willing to become a witch? Witchcraft and covens have proven to be a source solidarity and solace for most people. Witchcraft craft is not about accessorizing with black cats, wearing Burberry, altering your Instagram aesthetic or buying some crystals. Here are a few things that you need to be considerate of when you desire to become a witch. Read more on The Witchy Mommy.

The first thing is to know the risks that are associated with witchcraft. You need to know that witchcraft is not only about just games and fun but the spells come with a price. You must also know that in witchcraft there are methods of protections such a crying an evil eye. As a an individual having a clear understanding of what you are getting yourself into you can be sure that you will be good to go. 

Secondly, you need to choose your path. When you are aspiring to become a witch it is crucial to note there are no shortcuts. As a person you have to choose your own path and decide the kind of witchcraft you want to practice. You can opt to become a ceremonial witch where you will become an expert in executing rituals and ceremonies. On the other hand you can decide to become a solitary witch where you can decide not join a coven and operate on your own.Thirdly, you need to learn the terminologies used in witchcraft. Before you dive deep into witchcraft you must have knowledge of the terminologies used. Some of the terms used include: Initiation- A ceremony that allows a witch to join a coven after studying witchcraft. Coven- This is a gathering of initiated withes. Altar-This is a surface that witches use to practice their spells and worship their god or goddess. These terms are endless and it is best you get acquainted with them.

Fourthly, you need to study about witchcraft. Even if you think that you know exactly what you want, it is prudent and wise to know what you are signing for. Before you decide to start reading through these spell books, it is important you do your own research on this practice. Last but not least you need to stock up. Depending on the type of witchcraft you decide to practice you definitely need some few supplies such as herbs, candles and oils. Finally, you need to practice, practice and practice. Make sure you familiarize yourself with some of the rituals and spells before you decide practicing them. Visit if you interested in learning witchcraft for beginners.

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